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547 vets removed from the Register in 2022 for non-payment of renewal fee

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The RCVS has removed 547 vets from the Register in 2022 for non-payment of the annual renewal fee. The final deadline for fee payment was 31 May 2022, however veterinary surgeons can still be restored to the Register if they subsequently pay their fee.

In 2021, 702 vets were removed from the Register for non-payment, with 203 subsequently restored following fee payment. In 2020, 403 vets were removed from the Register.

The RCVS sent reminders to members of the profession via emails, text messages, and letters and additional letters were sent to those for whom the RCVS does not hold an email address or mobile telephone number.

A list of those who have not paid their fee has now been published and can be found on the RCVS website. Practices are encouraged to check the list to ensure that none of their employees are named.

Anyone removed from the Register can no longer call themselves a veterinary surgeon, use the postnominals MRCVS or carry out acts of veterinary surgery and to do so would be in breach of the Veterinary Surgeons Act.

In 2021, the RCVS introduced instalments of fee payments, whereby vets could pay 50% of their annual fee (first payment) but then if they missed a second or third payment reminder, they would be moved to the non-practising list instead of being removed from the Register. However, payment by instalments was ended ahead of this year’s annual renewal period.

Anyone with queries about completing the registration process should contact our Registration Department on 020 7202 0707 or [email protected].


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