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As the world begins to win its battle against COVID-19, the job market is changing. As restrictions are lifted and economies start to recover, many people’s thoughts are turning towards a new and better job.


Experts predict a “Great Resignation” is around the corner as people feel the urge to try something new and move forward in their careers. There are more and more veterinary jobs open, and it’s becoming more normal for people to change jobs relatively often.

However, some people experience a lot of fear over resigning from a job, often for the very reasons they actually want to resign. Temperamental or controlling managers, overworking and underappreciation can make staying at your practice hard.

The good news is that these fears are often unfounded. The worst thing that can happen if you resign is someone being angry with you at a workplace you’ll never have to go back to because you’ve resigned.


If your employer doesn’t want to lose you, when you tell them you’re resigning to take up another offer, they may well respond with a counteroffer. While the money may be tempting, keep in mind that accepting a new job offer is a commitment; it can seriously damage your reputation and career if you back out. Don’t accept counteroffers from your previous employer; you won’t come out on top.

Accept your new job offer, give notice, and that’s it. Resist all temptation to backtrack; you’re leaving your old job for a reason.

With more and more veterinary roles appearing every hour, there isn’t a better time to find your dream job. If you have been thinking about relocating, would prefer different hours or deserve a higher wage, it is now the time to start looking. With an abundance of roles to choose from, we can help you find a practice that aligns with your needs and values.


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