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BSAVA, CSAVA and USAVA Offer Support Ukrainian Vets at EuroCongress

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BSAVA, CSAVA and USAVA Offer Support Ukrainian Vets at EuroCongress

The Czech, Ukrainian, and British Small Animal Veterinary Associations (the CSAVA, USAVA, and BSAVA) have come together to support Ukrainian vets wanting to attend EuroCongress, a veterinary event hosted by FECAVA*, the body representing companion animal vets across Europe.

FECAVAs 27th EuroCongress takes place in Prague from 8-11 June 2022. It brings vets together to improve veterinary care, offering opportunities to share learning and professional development.
The CSAVA have agreed to waive the attendance fee for Ukrainian vets, whether they remain in Ukraine or have been forced to flee to other countries. They can also attend remotely at no cost.

The BSAVA will provide a travel and accommodation bursary fund of up to £10,000 to support qualified Ukrainian vets who would like to attend EuroCongress in person.

Ukrainian vets attending FECAVA will be offered private accommodation with their Czech colleagues in the first instance. If that is not possible or practical, they will be offered a room in one of FECAVAs nominated EuroCongress hotels without charge.

Delegates register with EuroCongress by 10 May 2022. To register, they or someone acting on their behalf will need to email FECAVA at [email protected] and add FECAVA – Ukraine as the email subject line.

“The war did not force us to lay down our hands,” says Dr Vladlen Ushakov, President of the USAVA. “Despite many veterinarians losing their homes and clinics, they have not lost their qualifications and professional desire to develop further.

Dr Natalia Ignatenko who represents USAVA at FECAVA remarks “Veterinarians working in Ukraine and Ukrainian colleagues who are now in Europe are sincerely grateful to the CSAVA, the BSAVA, and FECAVA for the unique opportunity to participate in the FECAVA EuroCongress in Prague. We appreciate this important display of solidarity and moral support.”

Ondra Cita, CSAVA President, adds, “We greatly appreciate the creation of this joint initiative, which aims to provide moral and professional support to Ukrainian veterinary colleagues. We believe that their arrival in Prague and participation in the EuroCongress will be more than symbolic. We will be happy if it allows them to feel free and dignified, despite the incomprehensible aggression and war in their country.


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