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First two e-learning modules for new VetGDP Advisor role now available online

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The RCVS has published the first two e-learning modules for vets who want to become Veterinary Graduate Development Programme (VetGDP) Advisers and play a vital role in helping to guide new graduates in their first veterinary role.

The VetGDP will be replacing our Professional Development Phase from this summer, and its aim is to support new graduates in the further development of their clinical and professional capabilities, resilience and confidence, to establish a fulfilling career as a veterinary professional. It will do this by providing a meaningful and effective period of support for all veterinary graduates in the early years of their career, resulting in them developing into an assured and confident member of the practice team.

The VetGDP Adviser role is that of a veterinary surgeon with a minimum of three years on the UK practising register who can provide structured, one-to-one ongoing support for new veterinary graduates within the workplace setting. It will be a requirement for all practices and other workplaces wishing to employ new veterinary graduates to be an RCVS-Approved Graduate Development Practice or Workplace.

In order to achieve this accreditation the practice or workplace will have to have at least one VetGDP Adviser who has completed the RCVS VetGDP e-learning within the past five years, have signed a declaration agreeing to provide their new graduates with regular support equating to a minimum of one hour per week, and agree to engage positively with feedback on the programme and any quality-assurance activity.

In order to become a VetGDP Adviser, veterinary surgeons need to successfully complete all six modules within the RCVS e-learning programme, the first two of which have now been published. Please note, in recognition of the ongoing impact the pandemic is having on veterinary practices, the RCVS has extended the time VetGDP Advisers supporting new graduates this year have to complete their training, to the end of December 2021, rather than June as originally planned.

Module 1, ‘Understanding the VetGDP Programme and the VetGDP Adviser Role’ gives a general overview of the programme, its aims and intended outcomes. It also includes further detail of the framework of Entrustable Professional Activities for graduates’ e-portfolios, and how these are used in the VetGDP Context.

Module 2, ‘How to support your graduate effectively: best practice to achieve positive outcomes’, introduces some of the latest research on how best to provide feedback and support to graduates in the workplace, to make sure that they are building their knowledge, skills and confidence effectively.

Each module amounts to between two and three hours of continuing professional development (CPD). The other four modules will be released in due course.

Linda Prescott-ClementsDr Linda Prescott-Clements (pictured), our Director of Education, said: “Thank you to the almost 1,800 veterinary surgeons who have so far registered an interest in becoming a VetGDP Adviser. I can’t emphasise enough how crucial this role will be in supporting the next generation of vets to become confident, competent professionals. The VetGDP Adviser will be someone graduates can turn to for feedback and help and advice on their development, their goals and their strengths and weaknesses.

“With the publication of these first two modules, the start of the VetGDP Adviser training process is now underway and we hope to see those who have registered an interest taking an active part.

“The e-learning has been developed carefully to bring the latest evidence in medical education research to the VetGDP context. I am especially grateful to several colleagues, who are international leaders in medical education, for their valuable time and contributions to the development of the content, making it both engaging and applicable to the role of our VetGDP Advisers.

“Of course, we would always welcome feedback on the course as well, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the RCVS Education Department with your comments.”

Detailed information about the VetGDP Adviser e-learning course and all aspects of the programme can be found in the downloadable PDF guidance document.  

For further advice you can also contact the RCVS Education Department on [email protected]


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