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Your software is vital to the efficient running of your practice. But are you using it to its full potential? Vet practice software is much more than a scheduling tool or a cash register. If you use it correctly, it will help you grow your revenue. Here are five software functions you should be aware of:


1) Lapsed patient return

Use your software to win back lapsed patients by generating reports of everyone you haven’t seen in the last 12 months and targeting them with special offers via direct mail or email.


2) Health reminders

You can use software to send customised reminders based on the life stages of your patients, saving your staff the hassle of doing it manually. The software can even store clients’ communication preferences, so they get texts, emails, or calls depending on which they prefer.


3) Wellness plans

Many vet practice software platforms either facilitate wellness plans or integrate with a wellness plan service. You can use these to make regular checkups and treatments affordable and predictable for your clients, and ensure a predictable income stream for your practice. Think of it as proactive maintenance, ensuring patients see you before they get seriously ill, not after.


4) Smart tools

It’s worth checking out the amazing benefits of your software’s more advanced tools. For example, you might find it can manage appointments, waiting lists and cancellations.

When someone cancels an appointment, your software will immediately let you know so you can offer it to a client on the waiting list. And if they make an appointment for their dog, but you haven’t seen either of their cats in 18 months, the software can prompt you to suggest they bring all their pets in for a wellness check.

These smart calendar features will enable you to create a smart practice with fewer no-shows, more appointments, and better customer service.


5) Online reviews

Many clients are now using online reviews to help them choose a vet. Your software might help you turn this to your advantage with a reputation management solution, which allows you to send tailor-made review requests to specific types of clients and post the positive reviews on your website. You can also use it to encourage positive reviews on social media, providing you with coveted “social proof” of how great your practice is.

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