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Directors Lawrance Bresslaw and Craig Griffiths of NSV The Vet Recruiter Agency are embarking on a cycle ride from London to Brighton to raise funds for Vetlife. The event will take place on 19th September 2021 where participants will navigate a 55-mile route through the busy streets of London, juxtaposed with quiet country lanes through to Brighton.  Lastly they will tackle Ditchling Beacon, a-mile-long climb to the top of the South Downs where beautiful views and refreshments await.

Vetlife is a charity focused on providing support to the veterinary community. They offer help and guidance to veterinary professionals and their families who may be experiencing health, emotional or financial concerns. Their help is free and confidential, and they provide support through three services: Vetlife Financial Support, Vetlife Health Support  and  Vetlife Helpline.

Wishing the participants success, President of Vetlife Graham Dick commented: ”The increase in demand for Vetlife services over the past year has brought challenges both for our dedicated volunteers and for the funding we need to support them. Vetlife is always there to accompany members of our profession through their personal journey when the way forward may seem challenging or unclear, so we are very grateful to NSV The Vet Recruiter Agency for taking on this physical challenge to help the charity.  I wish all of those involved a safe and successful journey to the coast.”

Why support Vetlife?

Craig and Lawrance have seen first-hand the demands of the profession that the veterinary community face and the impact this can have on a person’s wellbeing. Their mission is not only to raise funds for the organisation but to improve awareness of Vetlife and the services they have to offer. Craig commented on the increase in the amount of people struggling in the veterinary industry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and reported that when they approached Vetlife with their fundraising idea the organisation explained how calls had increased significantly since the start of COVID-19, but their funding had decreased. With restrictions in place, many fundraising events were either cancelled or put-on hold and unfortunately with the need of extra staff to manage the increase in service use, expenditure throughout the organisation had also increased.

Lawrance Bresslaw said “mental health is a big issue across the country, we specialise in the veterinary industry and want to make sure we are giving something back to support the people we find jobs for on a daily basis”. It is important that organisations such as Vetlife are able to continue the work they do without the worry or need to cut services. The increase in calls to the 24hr Vetlife helpline is testament to how much the veterinary community rely on the services that Vetlife offer and this can only continue through funding by charitable donations.

Craig Griffiths said, “raising the money isn’t just supporting Vetlife it is supporting the industry in which we work.”

Get involved

Lawrance and Craig want to open their invitation to the veterinary community and hope to gather a group of supporters to join them and take part on their cycle ride from London to Brighton, to raise as much money as possible for the charity and all abilities are welcome. They believe their biggest challenge will be completing the 55-mile-long journey but hope it will be made easier with a group of people to push each other along the way, create good camaraderie and a fun day out. Lawrance and Craig are urging everyone to get involved by joining the cycle ride in September, which you can find details for at the bottom of the page. Not only will this help to raise money but provide an opportunity for fresh air, sociable exercise and a chance to make new acquaintances. Alternatively, if you cannot make it on the day Lawrance and Craig are encouraging the public to carry out their own virtual bike ride that will cover the same distance.

How you can help and take part

If you would like to join the fundraiser you can do so by following the link to sign up and register for the cycle ride

Or you can contact Lawrance directly for more information [email protected]

To donate to this amazing cause you can do so by clicking on the following link and visiting their Just Giving page

Vetlife Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on: 0303 040 2551 or via anonymous email.

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