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We’re excited to announce the publication of the NSV Veterinary Recruitment Salary Survey 2022.

Our inaugural survey crunches salary data for over 3000 veterinary professionals, drawn from a review of the placements we made in the past 6 months, the current salaries and rates of candidates registering for our services, published vacancies, and our consultants’ market knowledge.

We’ve used this to create a detailed picture of the changing state of the jobs market, future trends, and how people in the industry are feeling about their pay.

Between Covid, Brexit, the new IR35 legislation and stricter visa controls, the war for talent is more intense than ever, with some practices saying key positions are being left unfilled. The inaugural NSV Veterinary Recruitment salary benchmark offers detailed insights into the average salaries for specific roles—insights every hiring manager will need to attract and retain talent in the year to come.

Veterinary professionals were asked how satisfied they were with their pay, hours and working conditions, career prospects, and support received. In general, veterinary surgeons and nurses were less satisfied with their pay or career prospects, underlining the importance of getting salaries right.

Last year, the veterinary industry showed an average 8% salary increase for permanent employees. However, our survey found that only 27% of respondents received a salary increase of 5%+, with the majority receiving less than industry average.

Perhaps the most shocking discovery was that while the overall gender pay gap was 13%, this was skewed by the results for older vets. For those qualified for under 15 years, it was just 3-6%, meaning senior women vets are severely underpaid.

At the end of 2021, there were 11% more vacancies advertised in the sector than at the end of 2020—which reveals that the industry is recovering well from the pandemic, but also reflects the fact that veterinary surgeon is the hardest role to fill in the UK, with 52% of roles ry taking over 60 days to fill.

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a job seeker, you’ll find our 2022 Salary Survey is a vital benchmarking tool. Download your free copy here.

Offering full recruitment services nationally & internationally for staffing solutions and permanent veterinary professionals, we are experienced recruiters, with over 50 years of experience between the two founding partners alone.

Our number one priority is service, always being on hand and available whenever our clients or candidates require support.

We go beyond only matching the skills for clients and candidates, and also consider careers that fit your character and ambition.

Veterinary salary survey 2022

Our 2022 Salary Survey is the Veterinary industries most comprehensive census on careers, salaries and workplace trends.