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RCVS Consultation: Review of Under our Care & 24/7 Emergency Cover

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RCVS Consultation: Review of Under our Care & 24/7 Emergency Cover

RCVS has launched the final stage of its review of the definition of ‘under care’ and the provision of 24/7 emergency cover.

The consultation seeks views from all veterinary professionals, vet and vet nurse students, practice managers and all those who work in the veterinary practice team. It asks respondents to what extent they agree with each element of the proposed guidance on ‘under care’, their views on the requirements for a 24/7 follow-up service following a remote prescription and other safeguards, and their feedback on the proposed definition of limited-service providers.

On 18 July 2022, RCVS e-mailed all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to invite them to take part in the consultation. RCVS consider the consultation a crucial opportunity for consultees to share their views on the draft guidance.

Details of the consultation, including the background, current position, proposed ‘under care’ guidance, recommendations about 24/7 emergency cover, independent research reports, and legal advice, are available at

The consultation will run for eight weeks, rather than the usual six, to account for the holiday period, closing at 5pm on Monday, 12 September 2022.


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