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Your approach to a situation often dictates the outcome. When you’re negotiating your salary with a new employer, the right approach can score you a better outcome than you hoped for – sometimes even before you’ve received an offer!

The right approach starts with not asking the wrong question: ‘How much is the starting salary?’

Ideally, salary negotiations happen after you’ve received an offer. Employers generally won’t bring that topic up before making you an offer, which means you’re the one bringing it up. That means you’ve started negotiating – and you’ve started negotiating backwards.


Why backwards? Because not even your prospective employer knows what the starting salary will be yet. They’ll decide that based on how much value they believe you’ll bring – which they won’t know until after the interview process. Prove your worth first, ask later.

Yes, you might want to know the starting salary so you can decide if the job is worth pursuing. But employers are often willing to pay more than they planned to if they find a candidate who can offer exceptional value. So if you ask before you’ve proved your worth, and you don’t like the answer, you could be needlessly putting yourself off a great role.


Instead of asking, “How much is the starting salary?” try asking, “Could you tell me more about the role?” and, “Why do you think I’m a good fit?” This doesn’t mean you’re promising to take an offer. You could still turn it down. You’re just showing interest and gathering information that will help you communicate your value.

When you really understand how to communicate your value, you won’t have to chase money – it will chase you. If you’d like some guidance on how to achieve that, your best option is to work with a specialist veterinary recruiter who understands the industry and has experience of placing people just like you – and helping them negotiate their dream salary.


Get in touch today to find out how we can help you start earning what you’re really worth.

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