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Travelling the world used to be one of the perks that attracted people to a veterinary career… then COVID happened. As the world begins to open back up, travel is becoming an option again… it just takes a bit more planning.

Here are five ways you can fulfil your dreams of seeing the world as a veterinary professional in the new normal.


Join an international leadership project

More and more veterinary professionals are putting their skills to work to help animals and people in impoverished areas. You could work for an educational programme like the Sauti Moja project in Kenya, which provides women in vulnerable farming communities with the resources and skills they need to keep their livestock and companion animals alive and to cope with drought.


Volunteer for a disaster relief organization

When natural disasters strike, animals are often displaced, injured, and left without food or water. Disaster relief organisations like WorldVets play a vital role in bringing relief and medical care to these animals.


Intern or complete a fellowship overseas

An internship or fellowship with an overseas organisation will give you a chance to take your education to the next level and gain valuable hands-on experience as well as a great addition to your CV.


Work for a veterinary equipment company

The veterinary equipment market is booming, and if you’re a vet nurse or vet tech, working for a veterinary equipment company can give you the opportunity to travel worldwide, exhibiting products at trade shows, helping with equipment installations and training, or even taking part in designing new products.


Join a veterinary mission

If you want to share your faith as well as helping animals, veterinary missions are an ideal way to travel, with both long-term and short-term roles available. The idea behind veterinary missions is to build relationships with communities overseas through caring for their animals, which opens up opportunities to offer spiritual support as well. Vets, vet nurses, vet techs and students can all participate.


In conclusion, it’s still absolutely possible to fulfil your travel dreams while also furthering your veterinary career. By following any of these five paths, you can make a tremendous difference to animals’ and people’s lives, and perhaps change your own life as well.


Get in touch if you are considering moving your veterinary career overseas. We can provide expertise and support with your search and applications.

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