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Update on e-certificate trial for VNs

By 29/06/2022No Comments

Following a trial with over 800 newly-registered veterinary nurses, we will continue to offer VNs a physical copy of their registration certificate. This is alongside providing an e-certificate, accessible through the ‘My Account’ area.

The trial, which started in November 2021 and involved some 851 vet nurses, provided an electronic certificate as standard, with newly-registered veterinary nurses having to specifically request to receive a physical copy of the certificate after being registered.

However, of those in the trial, over half requested a physical copy of the certificate and it became clear from survey feedback that a high percentage of the profession valued the physical copy and wanted to receive it. As a result, going forward, all those applying to join the Register of Veterinary Nurses will be able to opt in to receiving the hard copy, which will be sent to them free-of-charge alongside their official RVN badge. This decision was made at the meeting of VN Council in May 2022.

Robert Hewes, RCVS Head of Insight and Engagement, said: “Whilst veterinary nurses appreciated the environmental positives and convenience of the e-certificate, a large proportion had indicated that they would also like to have the option to receive a physical copy. It was important to be able to demonstrate to the veterinary nursing population that their feedback had been listened to and acted upon, and it was therefore proposed and approved that the option to receive a physical copy certificate , be brought in at application stage.”

Veterinary surgeons will continue to receive e-certificates as a standard when they register, although they can still request a free physical copy of the registration certificate through the ‘my account’ area. A trial conducted with veterinary surgeons registered from March 2020 to January 2021 found that only 15% preferred to receive a physical copy of the certificate, at the time of conducting and analysing the feedback.


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