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Lawrance & Craig the directors of NSV Recruitment have proudly completed a 55-mile cycle ride from London to Brighton to raise money for Vetlife, the charity that provides emotional, financial and mental health support to the veterinary community.

‘We had an amazing day on the London to Brighton cycle ride, even the grey clouds and rain could not put a dampener on it. It is so rewarding raising money for such a worthwhile charity, Vetlife. The last hill was the one of the steepest hills I have ever seen! Getting up that final hill was a struggle, however it was worth it to see everyone at the finish line, cheering us on!’ – Lawrance

COVID has made us all more aware than ever of the vital importance of mental health in our industry, not only for vets but for vet nurses and non-clinical staff too.

We wanted to do our bit to help by contributing to Vetlife’s mission: “To provide support to members of the UK veterinary community and their families who have emotional, health or financial concerns, whilst seeking ways to prevent such situations in the future.”

The veterinary community continues to experience significantly higher levels of depression and suicide than the general population. Vetlife works to ensure that those engaged in the veterinary community are aware of available assistance, and signpost them to sources of help should they, or a colleague, be in need of support. Support needs vary according to circumstance and may involve short-term support to cope with an immediate crisis or longer term support for those affected by age, ill health or disability.

Where possible, the charity tries to enable those they help to become independent and self-sufficient again.

We know that between 1 in four and 1 in 6 people in the general population will experience a mental health problem each year; women are slightly more likely (1 in 5) than men (1 in 8) to do so. By 2030, it is estimated that there will be approximately two million more adults in the UK with mental health problems than there were in 2013.

Compared to the general population, there is evidence of elevated psychological distress in the veterinary profession, with higher levels of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Suicide risk

This is not just a UK problem; similar findings have been reported in almost all countries where research has been conducted.

A very big thank you to all the people who have sponsored us so far. If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late to visit our Justgiving page and help the veterinary community:

Charity cyclevetlife fundraising

Thank you!

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