Salary Survey 2024

Check out our 2024 Salary Survey

We’re thrilled to present the latest insights from the NSV Veterinary Recruitment Salary Survey, now covering 2024. This extensive survey meticulously analyses salary data for over 3000 veterinary professionals. Our findings are derived from a comprehensive review, considering placements made in the past 6 months, current salaries and rates of candidates registering with us, published vacancies, and the invaluable market knowledge of our consultants.

In the face of challenges such as rising business costs, the full enforcement of IR35 legislation, and stricter visa controls, the skill shortage persists, with some practices reporting unfilled key positions for prolonged periods, emphasising the urgency of understanding industry trends. The NSV Veterinary Recruitment salary benchmark for 2024 provides nuanced insights into average salaries for specific roles—a critical resource for hiring managers navigating the evolving job market.

We delved into the sentiments of veterinary professionals regarding their pay, working conditions, career prospects, and support received. Notably, our survey reveals that nearly 27% of professionals did not receive a pay rise last year despite increased movements.

Whether you’re shaping a team or exploring new opportunities, our 2024 Salary Survey is an indispensable benchmarking tool for both hiring managers and job seekers

Salary Survey 2024

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