5 ways to make a good impression as a locum

As a locum vet or vet nurse, you’ll need to hit the ground running and make a good impression from the word go. This will not only boost your chances of getting booked again, but also help to build your reputation and your network of professional contacts. Here are five ways to distinguish yourself as a great locum.

1.    Help junior colleagues

You may be new, but if you have plenty of experience, you can still act as a mentor for those with less. If you’re still at a junior level yourself, be proactive about learning from those around you. Either way, this will show your new teammates that you’re a team player who’s ready to give their best.

2.    Lead with confidence

If you’re filling in for someone in a leadership role, step up confidently and show everyone you can make a positive difference. Don’t be domineering, but don’t be afraid to contribute your own ideas either.

3.    Be flexible

Every practice has its own policies, procedures, and ways of working. As a locum, you’ll need to be willing to fit in, so don’t act as if the methods you’re used to are automatically better. Be open and adapt to how each practice works. It may take a few days to learn the ropes, but treat it as a learning opportunity, and you might actually discover a working method you like better.

4.    Build rapport

While you may be tempted to keep to yourself at a new practice where you don’t know anyone, being too reserved can actually come off as rude. Say hello, make small talk, eat lunch with your new teammates, and make the effort to communicate and be friendly. You’ll enjoy your time at the practice more, and so will your colleagues.

5.    Put the effort in

Treat each locum role like a permanent job and give it your best effort. Building a reputation as a dedicated worker in a locum role can open doors and ultimately lead to permanent opportunities.

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