Creating an Attractive Veterinary Job Listing: Dos and Don’ts

Need to recruit a new vet or veterinary nurse? Crafting an eye-catching and informative job advert is crucial to attracting top talent. Follow these 10 tips to 10X your next listing:

  1. Do Get Inside Candidates’ Minds

The first step is to view the advert from the applicant’s perspective. Ask yourself what motivates them and what they want to know about the role and workplace. Understanding candidates’ priorities helps you tailor content that speaks to them. Cover the key details they need to know to judge if it’s the right fit.

  1. Don’t Forget the Basics

Include the fundamentals that every veterinary job listing needs. Clearly state who the employer is, the job’s location, salary band offered, job title and duties involved. Outline the experience and qualifications required. Specify whether it’s full-time, permanent or short-term contract. Provide clear instructions on how to apply.

  1. Do Find the Right Tone

Vets tend to prefer adverts with balanced, factual language over brash or over-the-top messaging. But you still want to stand apart. Inject personality into the listing by weaving in persuasive phrasing: what’s in it for them? Which brings us to our next point…

  1. Do Spotlight Your Practice Culture & Benefits

In a competitive hiring landscape, you need to stand out to attract top talent. Use the advert as a platform to spotlight your supportive culture, interesting caseloads, opportunities for progression, work-life balance policies, or development options. If you offer recruitment/retention bonuses, profit share, pension schemes, or other attractive benefits, say so! Help talent envision themselves thriving in your environment.

  1. Don’t Waffle

Skip the verbose or flowery language. Be succinct, professional, and impactful. Expertly summarise the essence of the opportunity to pique their interest quickly, and save the side points for the later screening stages.

  1. Don’t Repeat Old Listings

Avoid just reposting a past job advert verbatim. Before running it again, reassess if some content could be reworked or updated to better engage job seekers this time around. Add new elements that make candidates take a closer second look.

  1. Do Add Visual Appeal

Take the time to add layout aesthetics, images, or logos that supplement the written content. There’s a reason it’s called “getting eyeballs” Simple yet thoughtful design choices can really boost the professional polish of your advert and appeal to talent.

  1. Don’t Just Target Active Jobseekers

Craft your language broadly to also catch the attention of passive candidates who aren’t job hunting. Well-crafted ads might convince them that your opportunity is worth exploring.

  1. Do Track Response Rates

To judge effectiveness, direct applicants to submit via dedicated email or online form instead of your homepage. Monitoring submission numbers, sources, and candidate commentary helps continually strengthen future listings.

  1. Do Seek Recruitment Advertising Advice

If writing adverts seems daunting, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals. Industry specialists can assess your situation, show you examples, and help you craft engaging advertisements that deliver. Talk with NSV Vets today for support in writing attractive job adverts to attract the best talent for your practice.

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