Our 2024 Veterinary Recruitment Salary Survey: how does your pay compare?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you’ll be intrigued by what we’ve discovered in this year’s NSV Veterinary Recruitment Salary Survey. Come to find out if you’re paying or being paid enough, stay for insights into future trends and how vet professionals are feeling about their pay, hours, working conditions, career prospects, and on-the-job support.

We’ve gathered salary data for thousands of vets and vet nurses to bring you detailed insights into the average salaries for specific roles. Whichever side of the interview table you’re on, you’ll need this info for every pay negotiation in 2024.

The data reveals significant salary pressures. Vet professionals are less satisfied with their pay than they were this time last year, meaning employers need to rethink their compensation philosophy and benchmarks.

Looking beyond pay, you’ll see a veterinary recruitment landscape that’s beginning to transform in 2024, with both challenges and opportunities ahead. Top of the challenge list is turnover—it’s over 30%, which means it’s also time for employers to rethink their retention strategies.

On the upside, the data offers insights into how to do just that. It reveals what today’s candidates are looking for—like career development, work-life balance and flexibility—showing you what to prioritise to attract and retain talent.

Proactive veterinary employers have a chance to get ahead of intensifying pressures by focusing on employee experience—not just offering competitive pay, but also nurturing supportive cultures around wellbeing and inclusion.

Moreover, the survey shows over 60% of vets are open to relocating abroad. This international mobility presents opportunities for UK practices. If you’re willing to welcome foreign vet professionals, tapping into a global talent pool could solve your staffing problems.

We also found vet professionals are prioritising career growth—which was no surprise to us, as it’s a theme we’ve been hearing again and again from our candidates. For employers, this suggests that expanding your development programmes could incentivise talent to stay.

The granular data provides targeted insights that will equip your practice to get ahead of the trends. As pressures intensify, these findings can inform your strategic workforce planning, so you can align your culture, environment, professional growth opportunities and rewards to rising expectations around wellbeing, work-life balance, fair pay and inclusion.

This forward-looking survey offers an invaluable planning aid in the evolving veterinary recruitment landscape. If you can understand and support the changing priorities of today’s candidates, you’ll win their loyalty despite that 30% turnover figure, while strengthening your employer brand for the longer term.

Download the salary survey here! 

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