Veterinary Professionals: How to interview your interviewer

Going for a veterinary interview can be daunting, but remember – you’re also interviewing them! Your value is at an all-time high thanks to the current staff shortages, so you’ll probably find employers are as eager to ace their interview as you are – if not more so.

You want to find a practice that truly cares for its people. So turn the tables and ask your potential employer some probing questions before signing on the dotted line.

First, get the inside scoop on company culture. How do they treat their employees day-to-day? You spend more time at work than anywhere else, so a positive environment is vital. Ask about recognition programmes, conflict resolution policies and wellbeing support. And don’t shy away from tricky topics like high staff turnover.

Next, ask about training and development. This is a win-win, because showing an interest in continuous learning will boost your appeal as a candidate. What can you expect to learn on the job? Is there scope to upgrade your skills over time? And does the practice actively encourage professional growth through continuing education and mentorship schemes?

The pound signs matter too. Discuss remuneration upfront, encompassing salary, bonuses and benefits like healthcare and leave allowance. And find out about non-financial perks like mental health support. Working somewhere that makes your well-being a priority will enable you to give your best to your patients.

Finally, delve into the client relationship. You need a practice that has your back if a client gets upset. Ask about policies for protecting staff from abuse. And make sure they don’t overbook appointments at the team’s expense or call you on days off unless strictly necessary.

In the vet profession, you care for others – but don’t forget self-care. By flipping the veterinary interview script, you can find an employer who looks after you as well as their patients. Work with NSV Vets to find your ideal employer. 

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