Working holidays in Australia for vets

If you grew up in the Northern Hemisphere, you might remember trying to dig to that magical land where summer and winter change places and people walk upside down. Good news – there’s now a much easier way to get to Australia.

Graduates from UK vet schools can practise in Australia without sitting any extra exams, thanks to a reciprocal recognition of degrees by both countries. That means you can enjoy a working holiday with locum vet roles lasting as little as a day or as much as several months.

UK vets are usually popular and welcome in Aussie practices, and the transition tends to be fairly straightforward.

The work available varies depending on where you are in this vast country, but there’s generally plenty of small animal work in the country as well as in the cities. If you choose to explore rural areas, you’ll also find dairy roles, equine roles if you’re lucky, and mixed farm roles working with both cattle and horses as well as other animals.

As well as medical knowledge and good communication skills, for small animal roles you’ll need proficiency in routine surgeries like lump removals, dentals, and desexings. For mixed practice and cattle roles, you’ll also need to be confident with calvings, caesareans, and pregnancy testing.

Why take a working holiday?

A working holiday offers several advantages over the traditional kind of holiday:

  • You can easily afford a long holiday–even in a cost-of-living crisis.
  • Working holiday visas typically give you longer in the country than tourist visas.
  • Living and working abroad will do wonders for your personal and professional development–and look great on your CV.
  • You won’t just hang out with other travellers, you’ll get to know the real Australia and real Australians. Professional connections and friendships formed on working holidays can last a lifetime.
  • If you’re thinking about a permanent move, a working holiday is a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to live there.

What’s the pay like?

Most people associate working holidays with low-paid jobs like fruit picking, but working as a locum vet in Australia pays good money–an average of A$500 (£285) a day. Some rural locum roles will provide you with a place to stay and even a vehicle–leaving you with more money to enjoy your holiday.

Working holiday visas

Most locum vets from the UK travel to Australia on a Working Holiday visa, which enables travellers aged 18-30 to work in Australia for up to 12 months. You can find out more about the Working Holiday visa at

How we can help

We’re experts in helping vets get settled in locum roles abroad, including in Australia. We know the market and what to expect, so we can match you with a role you’ll love and give you inside information on the best locations, registration, insurance, bank accounts, and even the weather. Contact us today and get answers to all your questions about living and working in Australia.

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