Attract top veterinary talent with these 6 values

With employers in the vet industry struggling to find talent, it’s vital to understand what today’s candidates are looking for. Employees’ priorities have changed since the pandemic. A recent Monster survey found that support and care for employees–not pay–is now the no.1 reason why people choose or stay with an employer.

There’s an upside to all this upheaval: even if you can’t compete with the big practices on pay, you can still win on values. An amazing 60% of applicants want to know what an organisation stands for before they apply for a job. Monster found quality candidates are looking for six core values any employer can learn to live by and communicate.

The core values candidates want–ranked

  1.     Care. Do you show you care for your people as well as your clients? Do your workplace culture and benefits demonstrate that you go above and beyond to support your people and create a healthy and happy workplace?
  2.     Interest. Is your work environment stimulating and interesting? Do you give people a chance to explore their interests?
  3.     Social. Does your culture promote camaraderie and teamwork? Do you host social events?
  4.     Economic. This isn’t just about salary. How financially secure is your practice? Are you at least paying the going rate? Have you overhauled your benefits package in line with what post-pandemic candidates want?
  5.     Development. Are you investing in upskilling your people, recognising their achievements, and giving them clear pathways to promotion?
  6.     Application. Can your people use their knowledge and skills to contribute to the practice beyond their job description? Do you reward innovation and encourage them to share ideas?

Gen Zs, Millennials, and Gen Xs all cite care as the most important factor. Boomers understandably put money in the top spot as they approach retirement, but put care a close second.

It’s vital not just to embody these values, but to communicate them through your employer brand. Monster found 69% of candidates wouldn’t accept a job offer from an employer with a bad reputation – not even if they were unemployed.

“The Pandemic has, of course, been hugely stressful with much uncertainty for many people,” said Monster’s Chief HR Officer, Claire Barnes. “It’s no surprise that people’s experience, how work made them feel, is shaping their attitudes. It is a valid question for candidates to ask of a company “how did you support your employees during the pandemic?”

Post-pandemic, don’t assume you know what candidates want. Keep reviewing and refining your employer brand to appeal to the new breed of applicants.

When you work with a recruiter, we can convey your company culture to prospective candidates and promote your core values. If you are struggling to hire candidates, no matter where in the world you are located, NSV can help! Get in touch for more information on our services.

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