January is job-hunting season in just about every industry–and the veterinary profession is no different. This year, there’s a wealth of job opportunities out there–and if you know how to take full advantage, 2023 could be the year you take a big step up in your career. Read on for our top tips.

Don’t rely on job ads

Many of the best vet and vet nurse roles are never advertised–because the ideal candidate has already shown up. How can you be that candidate? Network. Make yourself known to potential employers even when they aren’t officially hiring. Talk to people with inside knowledge and see if you can arrange an informal meeting for coffee. Such meetings often lead to a new job.

Look on LinkedIn

Many employers advertise jobs on LinkedIn, and you can also use the platform to find out more about them. In particular, find out if there’s anyone you know who already works for your desired employer. Getting them to put in a good word for you can make a world of difference.

Be prepared to be looked at on LinkedIn

Employers and recruiters will definitely check your LinkedIn profile. It’s an extension of your CV–so make sure you tailor it like a CV to advertise the right qualities for the specific job you’re looking for. Cut out any irrelevant or outdated information and rewrite it with that role in mind.

Nail your cover letter

Including a well-written cover letter with your CV is a great way to show your personality, display your knowledge of the organisation and role you’re applying for, and make a personal connection with the hiring manager. Skipping the cover letter will put you at a real disadvantage.

Get feedback

Show some trusted friends your CV, LinkedIn profile or cover letter and ask them for honest feedback. Don’t ask friends who are too nice to tell you the truth! Make sure they level with you about any flaws, then redraft accordingly.

If you’d like a little extra competitive edge in your job search, plus insider info and jobs you won’t find anywhere else, get in touch with us today–we’d love to help.

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