Q&A with Osama – Relocating Vets to Canada

We recently caught up with Osama, a candidate we relocated to Alberta, Canada. Osama graduated in Pakistan and had been located in Dubai working as a veterinarian. When he got in contact with us, he was seeking a new Veterinary opportunity in Canada, having just passed his NAVLE exam. He is currently working on his CPE exam and has been working at his new practice for 5 months when we caught up below:

“Although the process may take a while, it is worth it.”

Did you know where you wanted to move to once you finished your NAVLE?

“I knew I wanted to move to Canada which is why I completed my NAVLE exams. When I met Craig and Lawrance online, I knew I wanted to move there, however, I wasn’t particular about where in Canada.

Overall, I was looking for a small animal practice or a mixed practice as this is what my experience is in and what I prefer. The first practice I spoke with ended up being the one I am with now. It was a very easy process with Lawrance and Craig coordinating the interviews. I had 3 video interviews with the practice and knew I wanted to work there. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

What was the main reason for you wanting to relocate to Canada?

“I was open to Canada, Australia, the USA and New Zealand. However, with Canada, I was very keen on moving there as I follow a Canadian Vet on YouTube (Cody Creelman) who really sold it to me.”

How did you find working with NSV?

“When I approached Lawrance and Craig, they listened to what I wanted and were quick to find me practices that suited my ambition. They were very informative about what the practice was offering and scheduled all of the interviews. If I had any questions about the practice, they were quick to reply on WhatsApp, acting as the middleman between me and the practice.

They spread my CV around to relevant practices which saved me a lot of time and I had no idea where to look. It was nice to have them assist me with this. I have even referred many of my colleagues to NSV as they are great at their job. It’s important to find a good recruiter you can work with and streamline the process and Craig and Lawrance are very good at it.”

How does your new role compare to your previous roles?

“In Dubai, I worked in two practices which were really good small animal practices, however here in Canada, I have noticed that good medications are more easily available, especially having access to new medications. In Dubai, there are slightly more restrictions. I really liked working in Dubai and both have had their own perks, but I am really enjoying Canada.”

A lot of vets may want to relocate but are held back by the fear of the unknown, how were you reassured that this was the role for you?

“Moving to a new country can be daunting, it depends on person to person. You have to go into this knowing there will be challenges to face. When you are in a new place, you don’t have any transport or accommodation, which can be difficult to figure out. However, having a good practice is important as the team can help and guide you.

It has been very smooth for me, the people at my practice have been really nice and they have helped me a lot. In the first month when I didn’t have my driving license, they helped me loads, especially on the weekends, taking me to get groceries and necessities.”

Would you recommend a move to a different country if you feel stuck in your current role and location?

“It is always good to move to a new country for your personal and professional growth. If this is something you want to achieve in your life, I would definitely recommend doing it.

The learning opportunities are much better in Canada as there we are encouraged to continuously develop our skills. I can learn from the experience of my peers and open myself up to new experiences. It will help you with your professional growth and you can achieve whatever you want.”

Overall, would you recommend NSV if a Veterinary professional was thinking of relocating?

“Yes, NSV have found me a great practice which is amazing. My new role has a great development programme with a budget that allows me to pursue any specialism I choose.

The practice I am at is great, I am able to learn whatever I want, I get good pay and feel fully supported. I couldn’t have found this position without the assistance and dedication of Lawrance and Craig.

In India and Pakistan, it’s very saturated and we don’t have lots of opportunities, we always have dreams and, in the USA, and Canada I feel like there’s more room to achieve these dreams. Going through the process can be long and costly, but from my experience, it’s an important investment to achieve your dreams. I recommend working with NSV in every aspect, to reach opportunities you otherwise couldn’t reach. You will earn good money, you will develop personal and professional skills, and there is so much opportunity, mentorship, and development. Thank you, Lawrance and Craig.”

We love seeing candidates we’ve placed enjoying their new jobs. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with everyone we speak to–and it genuinely makes our job worthwhile, knowing we’ve helped someone grow their career and reach their goals.

It’s absolutely possible to fulfil your travel dreams while also furthering your veterinary career. We have placed Veterinary professionals in the UK, Canada, Australia, the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and many more. Get in touch if you are considering moving your veterinary career overseas either permanently or temporarily. You could even get a working holiday visa to try the country out first! We will provide you with the expertise and support you need when searching and applying for jobs overseas.

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