Why hire international employees?

More and more employers are looking overseas for veterinary talent to beat the current skills shortage. But hiring international vets has far more benefits than just filling a gap. Here are a few of them.

  1. A competitive edge

A much-cited study from the world of business found that companies with a more diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities on the exec team were 33% more likely to have better-than-average profits. And 48% of US companies with more diverse senior management improved their market share in a year. Veterinary practices are not the exception to this rule. If you really want to gain the edge over the competition, you need to not only hire international vets, but also promote them.

  1. Reaching more diverse clients

If your practice is in an urban area with an international community, hiring international vets will help you overcome cultural and language barriers and understand the needs and expectations of your client base. Even if your international hire isn’t from the same place as most of your clients, they’ll at least understand how it feels to be an immigrant.

  1. Innovation and creativity

Bringing international vets into your team means you’ll learn how veterinary medicine is practised in different countries, and you may discover new ways of working that enhance your practice. You’ll also be able to bring a wider range of perspectives to bear on any problems, boosting your chances of finding creative and innovative solutions. Creativity at work has been shown to have a positive influence on employee engagement and motivation, self-development, teamwork, trust, and work-life balance.

  1. A stronger practice culture

Integrating people from different cultures is good for your culture, too. The fresh perspectives and ideas international employees bring will boost morale across the practice, as well as helping to win your practice culture a positive reputation. Having a strong practice culture is directly correlated to having lower employee turnover and absenteeism.

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