Why it pays to change jobs

How can a vet recruiter help make you more money?

First of all, it’s worth explaining that it doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t pay us to find you a better job, employers pay us to find you.

Beyond that, partnering with a recruiter can help you find opportunities that are better for you in all kinds of ways–including a better salary, benefits, and bonuses.

An article in Forbes revealed that spending more than two years with each employer means you’ll earn at least 50% less over a 10-year career than people who change jobs more frequently. And since most people’s careers last longer than 10 years, the real amount of money you’re losing could be much greater.

In a recent MagnifyMoney survey of almost 1,000 working adults, nearly a quarter (24%) said they thought changing jobs was the best way to get a pay boost. What’s more, Millennials were more likely than older workers to hold this opinion, and since Millennials actually change jobs more frequently, they’re in the best position to know whether it actually is the best way to get a pay rise.

And working with a vet recruiter can ensure you don’t just get “a” pay rise, but a significantly higher one. Recruiters achieve this in three main ways:

  • Giving you access to better opportunities, including “hidden” jobs that are not even advertised online
  • Presenting you to employers in the best possible light, so you’re considered for higher-paid roles
  • Using knowledge of the industry and the organisation to negotiate the best possible salary for you at the offer stage

This is why changing jobs can make you exponentially more money as you progress in your career, and how a recruiter can help.

Many vet professionals have no idea how badly they’re being underpaid in their current role. Working for love is important, but what if it came with more money? This genuinely happens to many vets who changed jobs recently–and they sometimes receive a hefty signing bonus on top of that. Of course, not everyone will be this lucky, but what could you do with a 20% or even 10% increase on your current salary?

If you’d like to find out how much more you could be earning, get in touch today, or submit your CV to start taking advantage of the wealth of opportunities out there.

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