Why work with a vet recruitment agency?

Whether you’re looking for your next job or your next top performer, you may be tempted to skip the recruitment agency and go it alone. As a candidate, with so many veterinary jobs available, why would you want help finding one? As an employer, with practice budgets squeezed, why would you pay a recruitment agency?

There are many answers to those questions–here are a few of them.

Why use a vet recruitment agency to find a job?

  1. Speed

With a huge database of opportunities at their fingertips, recruiters can quickly find you jobs that fit your particular skillset. They’ll also make sure you get immediate feedback on your job applications, expert advice on which opportunities are worth your time, and insider tips on what each potential employer is looking for.

  1. More job opportunities

Some employers don’t even bother advertising their roles on job boards–only through a recruitment agency. Without the support of a recruiter, you’ll never see those opportunities. Your recruiter can also help you refine your search to focus on the most relevant jobs for you, getting you more interviews and ultimately a role you’ll love. Don’t waste your time and energy on roles that are a poor fit–let the professionals sort out the wheat from the chaff.

  1. Practical support

With a recruitment agency, you’ll get guidance from the experts and practical help with things like optimising your CV or coming across as well as possible at an interview. When you build a long-term relationship with your recruiter, you’ll also get the benefit of a tailor-made service from someone who knows you and your strengths, needs and ambitions.

  1. Specialist knowledge

A specialist veterinary recruitment agency is highly experienced in connecting people like you with their ideal roles. They can provide a wealth of in-depth industry knowledge, tell you accurately how much your skills are worth, and help you find exactly where they’ll be most valued.

Why use a vet recruitment agency to find staff?

  1. Access to the best talent

If you advertise a role by yourself, you’ll only find candidates who are actively looking for work. But in the vet industry as in love, the best ones are always taken. A recruitment agency has the networks, resources, and persuasive skills to headhunt those invaluable “passive” candidates for you–and in the current talent drought, that edge is more important than ever.

What’s more, candidates who are looking (especially if they’ve read the first half of this article) are most likely to be registered with a recruitment agency–and if they’re not, your recruiter will hit all the best job boards for you, using each one to its full potential thanks to their industry knowledge.

  1. Time is money

Running a vet practice is, to put it mildly, a full-time job. Don’t tie up your own and your employees’ precious time–when you work with a recruitment agency, you’ll get results much faster, because recruitment is their full-time job. They’ll sort through CVs and show you only the best candidates, schedule interviews with your chosen applicants, feed back your decisions to both successful and unsuccessful candidates, check references, and much more.

  1. Extra services

Background checks are essential in the vet industry. Your recruitment agency can handle all that for you, as well as psychometric testing, project support, managed services, salary benchmarking, and more.

  1. Market expertise

When you’re looking for niche, hard-to-find skills, the specialists know where to look and how to woo those sought-after candidates. They can act as your eyes and ears in the recruitment market and update you with regular insights on industry developments.

  1. Cost savings

The cost of posting on job boards yourself can mount up–having a recruiter do it for you is not only less work but also cheaper. The cost of staff time trawling through CVs and having initial conversations with candidates also piles up fast, as does the cost of interim cover while you struggle to find someone–and the cost of a bad hire dwarfs all of those. Working with a recruitment agency will more than pay for itself.

When clients and candidates who’ve been going it alone switch to working with a recruiter, we often find they breathe a sigh of relief: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”


Whether you are seeking a new job, or seeking new veterinary talent, we can help! Our industry knowledge combined with our expertise and dedication will ensure a smooth recruitment process. Please get in touch for a casual chat.

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